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Top Tips for Writing a Winning CV/Resume

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The idea of the CV or resume is to convey as much information as you can, while also convincing the recruiter or hiring professional that you are the best fit for the job. While other guides might tell you about the order of the headings, the spacing or the fonts that make good impressions, these lead to attractive resumes alone. What you want to create is a resume that wins you the interview and the jobs you pursue. That means you will want to take a different perspective on the entire process than you may have ever taken before.

What sort of different perspective? The experts tell us that "competition for top posts [is] higher than ever, your goal in preparing your resume is to communicate a clearly defined brand promise, which leaves no doubt about the value you bring to the table." Did you see the key phrase in there? They are saying that you have to look at yourself as a "brand", and show yourself as an answer to the company's needs. It is actually a lot like marketing, which also seeks to convey how a product or service solves a consumer or business problem.

How do you do this? With the following tips:

  • Insert a Professional Summary - Instead of listing your personal objectives that seem so outdated or bland, use this part of a resume to explain what makes you different from other candidates, what is your brand's "story". It actually helps to do some research on each job you seek, identifying keywords that a hiring professional might use to describe the job, and ensuring those are part of your Professional Summary.
  • Expand on basic job titles - While any jobs in your past will have some sort of title, which is not always enough to support your goal of getting an interview and a job. Be sure that your job titles include words that showcase your skills - and especially those that your potential employer desires.
  • Keep education last - While you might be enthusiastic about a recent graduation or degree, employers do not put much value in them during initial screening. The amount of detail needed actually depends on the stage of your career. Are you new to the workforce? Itemize what you learned. Are you experienced and seeking a new job? Use summary information as it is your experience that matters most.
  • Your CV or resume has to be relevant and concise, if you use a Professional Summary, keywords, expand on titles to show how they make you stand apart, and don't overemphasize your education, you will get more calls than ever.








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