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6 Reasons an Employer Will Love Your CV

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With the proliferation of online job portals, CV databases and social networking, it has never been easier to apply for jobs. This has resulted in an explosion in the number of CVs being received by employers. Here are a number of points to consider to help give your CV the best chance of success! 


  • Your CV is short & concise (2-3 pages) and in the same colour, size and font. A typical line manager receives 100’s of CVs per job so making your CV as easy to read as possible will help your case.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to your previous employers. Companies often take past behavior as a predictor of future behavior and if your CV shows you have left your previous companies prematurely, prospective future employers may deduce you will do the same if they hire you. It varies depending on the role/industry, but typically it takes 1 year for a new employee to get fully on-boarded, so if you are changing jobs every year or every 2 years, you are demonstrating limited potential return for future employers.
  • Academic achievements and professional qualifications. While experience and an ability to “do the job” are key - the majority of decision-makers will take into account a candidate’s educational track record. Ideally you will have a primary degree and masters. For experienced candidates, a professional qualification demonstrates your commitment to your trade.
  • Keep your dates in chronological order, starting with the most recent first. You want to grab the reader’s attention and hit him/her with the most important information at the top the page. So, at first glance, the employer should know your latest qualification and current position.
  • Your CV should be tailored to each job you apply for. If you make your tangible past achievements relevant to the position, you will have a compelling case for your employment.
  • No mistakes. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in a CV send out all the wrong messages to employers. Regardless of experience and qualifications, simple typos or poor grammar can instantly remove you from the selection process. So take some time to review your CV or have it proof read by your recruitment agent, friend or colleague. 


Barry Prost is a recruitment consultant who specializes in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management in the Middle East. He works for Propel Consult and is contactable at [email protected]

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