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6 Key Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

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There is a direct link between a team of motivated employees and the success of a business. The awareness of this link is what leads to companies being more successful than others. Well-aware and smart business owners make sure to keep the motivation of their employees as a top priority. Do you know why you should follow in their footsteps?
Here is a list of 6 ways to keep your employees motivated:


  • Communication. 
    The best way to communicate with your employees is to actually hear them out and rather than talking to your people, you should be talking with them. Good communication creates a strong foundation for you and your employees and thus leads to them being loyal, productive and engaged


  • Professionalism.
    Setting a professional tone in a workplace is key to successful employee motivation. Professionalism encourages employee loyalty and pride. Teach your employees how to achieve and value professionalism by demonstrating good professionalism yourself. 


  • Management Style.
    Adopting the leadership style as a manager has shown to maintain employee loyalty . Furthermore, managers who are leaders encourage successful employees because they value their employees. 


  • Training Style.
    Here’s why businesses should focus highly on employee training.  Successful employee training leads to operational & motivational dividends, which encourages the establishment of knowledge which stimulates employees into feeling more self-confident which encourages strong leadership which cultivates employee loyalty which in turn boosts customer loyalty and finally leads to a successful business. 


  • Recognition.  
    Recognizing the work that your employees do is key to keeping your employees motivated. A simple “thank you” and “good job” would keep any employee wanting to continue to do better. This will resonate motivational energy throughout your organization.


  • Fun. 
    Keeping the work tone serious, but also being able to have a little fun once in a while sounds more appealing than a no-fun zone office. Being able to joke around with your bosses and co-workers can establish a friendly working relationship thus leading to happier employees which in turn leads to motivated employees.

Keeping your employees motivated is not only the right thing to do, it’s good business as well.

Source: Blasingame, J. (2015, May 7). Motivating Employees Is Good Business. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimblasingame/2015/08/07/motivating-employees-is-good-business/#709cc4825ab0


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