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How to Secure Yourself a Job After your Internship

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By following these recommendations, you’re guaranteed to land a job:
  • Never show up late.
Showing up late displays a lack of interest in the job and a lack of respect to your employer. Overall, it is just not a good look. By showing up even a mere 5 minutes earlier than necessary, it indicates to your future employer that you care and that could possibly secure you a job. 


  • Make Your Own Work
Internships are not necessarily well-defined roles. There aren’t as many tasks as you may think. Create little jobs for you to do here and there. Don’t stop looking for something to work on. If you actually have nothing to work on, ask anyone and everyone if they need help with their tasks. It will be greatly appreciated and give off a good impression.


  • Reek of Breezy Competence
Completing your tasks doesn’t necessarily mean a good job done. You should always triple check your work to ensure that they aren’t any minor mistakes and that it is the best job that you could have done. You should take the time to add maximum-value to a project/task. 


  • Go Easy on the Phone Use
In today’s world, its almost impossible not to touch your phone for the duration of 8 hours or however long your working day might be. Make it your most important to minimize phone use. It is not necessary to check your phone every time you’re done with a task, or just wait till your lunch break to make phone calls and check social media outlets.


  • Network, Network, Network. Network. And, Network.
Networking is essential for being an intern. Whoever you choose to converse with at work, take the time to gather information, build a contacts list, and charm them in that 5 minute conversation. By asking simple questions such as what they do and don’t like about their jobs, how they got where they are today it could lead to you choosing a different path for yourself. 


Remember, put your best foot forward and always make a conscious effort to do better and you may just land yourself a full-time position at your company!


Source: Brothers, L. (2017). The 5 Things You Can Do During Any Internship To Make Sure You Get Hired. Retrieved September 17, 2017 from https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-5-things-you-can-do-during-any-intership-to-make-sure-you-get-hired 

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