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6 Reasons Why Your Recruiter is not Returning Your Phonecall

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One of the most common complaints we hear from candidates about recruitment companies is that their consultant does not return their phonecall or get back to them. Here we explore some of the reasons for this from the recruiter’s perspective:                                                  
  • You have made multiple applications for completely different jobs. This shows that you have not taken the time to properly consider the job specifications and you can be perceived as not serious and wasting the recruiter’s time.
  • You have applied for a job that is not suited to your field. Once again, this demonstrates a lack of care when reviewing the specification and the recruiter may show little interest in getting back to you.
  • Your recruiter is incompetent or disorganized. There are many recruiters across many disciplines and standards of service vary greatly. It could just be that your consultant is not up to the job. If this is the case, you should consider contacting another recruiter.
  • There is no feedback from the employer. Often when the recruiter has no feedback from his/her client, he/she will offer no response to the candidate. Of course, out of professional courtesy, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to keep the candidate updated on their progress regarding an employment opportunity.
  • The recruiter has received 100's of applications and has been unable to effectively field the response. Sometimes if the recruiter has been inundated with applications for a position he/she may find it difficult to respond to each application. Most recruiters are strongly motivated by their management to make placements and unfortunately this can mean that responding to every candidate who applied for a position can fall down their list of priorities.
  • While you may feel your skills are transferable they are, in fact, not! Candidates will often claim that their skills are transferable from one sector to another which of course can be true. However, it is more common for clients to request CVs from candidates who have experience in their same industry sector. So if you are pushing a recruiter for progress in this regard – you may not get much success.
Barry Prost Recruitment Consultant 

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