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Things to Consider with Job Offers

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As we all know, the job search can be exhausting and time consuming through phone calls, interviews, waiting on client approval of your CV, and you can get emotionally invested in the company that you are interviewing for. Then you get a call, and it all pays off as you have that offer in your hand!
However, there are a few things to consider before taking that giant leap.
Why you are leaving your old job
Here is your shiny new start to the next chapter in your career, and you are willing to jump aboard. Ensure that the role you are jumping to will help you progress in your career and not delve you deeper into the same type of role you may already be doing. Ask the company you are joining about the progression pathway and how they can help you progress.
Company culture
Jobseekers can now take a look into a company’s culture online before considering taking on a role. Glassdoor.com, indeed.com and bayt.com are some of a few websites that contain feedback giving you an inside track into the everyday lives of employees in a prospective company.
Money, Money, Money
For a lot of people, changing jobs can give them the opportunity to gain a salary increase they may only have dreamed of in their previous positions. Especially in the Middle East where I am based, for construction professionals, many allowances can be added on or included in your package. Ensure everything is written in your contract! Here are a few examples of perks offered by companies:
  • Accommodation Allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Hardship Allowance
  • Phone Allowance
  • Schooling Allowance
  • Flights Allowance
  • Food Allowance
  • Professional membership fees
  • Medical Insurance
Many companies give allowances as well for relocation, visa assistance etc. but it is important to figure out this before you say yes to any offer.
Working Hours and Holidays
One of the major things to consider is the working hours and holidays. If you are use to a typical 40 hour week, contracts in the Middle East tend to be for longer working days, up to 60 hour weeks in some cases. Contractors can work up to a 5 and half to a six day week, which may not be compatible with family life and maybe something to consider. Rotational roles for example may suit some who is willing to relocate on their own, giving them an opportunity to return home on a regular basis. 
Read the fine print when it comes to holiday days and public holidays as these may differ from the country you are living at the moment with days as religious holidays may differ.
Remember, doing your homework now will save you time, heartache and money in the long run. Always check with the hiring manager if anything doesn't sound correct to you before you sign on that dotted line.
If you are happy and satisfied that it is the job role for you, then congratulations you have a new job!

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