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Recruitment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Job Blogs

Saudi Arabia has been always the favored distention in the Middle East to work and live for immigrants from all around the world.  

Perks of working in Saudi Arabia:

The labor law in Saudi Arabia provides many benefits to immigrants which have helped to attract many job seekers from around the world.

  • The cost of recruiting foreign workers at the expense of the employer.
  • The cost of the transfer fees, the work permit and its renewal on the employer.
  • In case the work is terminated between the parties, a ticket to return home is on the employer.
  • Daily working hours do not exceed 8 hours and decrease in Ramadan for 6 hours.
  • Workers have periods of rest during the day and they do not work continuously for more the five hours.


Ways to recruit non-Saudis:

You can search for jobs inside Saudi Arabia by using many methods, these are the most effective:  

Searching online

Online recruiting websites posts everyday thousands of available jobs and job opportunities in Saudi Arabia and babsaudi website is an example of this. These websites also provide a direct communication between the job seekers and job providers.

Recruitment Offices

There are a lot of recruitment offices in the Middle East that offer you available jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Newspaper ads

Weekly the advertising newspapers publish several ads for available jobs in Saudi Arabia based on the local daily published newspaper.

Job Initiative 

The Saudi government always annouces job initiatives to help its citizens and immigrants to find jobs. The most important job initiative is "TAQAT" that you can contact with them to find a job.



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