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How Social Media Can Help You to Find a Job

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How Social Media Can Help You to Find a Job

How can something like Facebook help you to find a job? After all, isn't the point of social media to be more of a social and less of a professional resource? The answer is both yes and no. That is because it is not just the individuals of the world who are using social media outlets these days. Instead, many larger corporate entities have their own social media accounts, and there they put out the details of their company mission or motto, show off their appealing corporate culture, and make it much easier for the public to get to know their brand or their firm in a way that is more direct and appealing.

This is all great news to the individual doing a job search because it will help them to know right away if a company is a good fit for their needs, and even if they are hiring. For instance, Mohnish Sani, a career expert, says: “Now more than ever, job seekers have full access to what a prospective employer’s company is really like… what they’re working on, what kind of values they have, and what kind of talent they’re seeking."

They get this access through things like Facebook pages and Pinterest pages. In fact, a lot of firms post job opportunities directly to their social media profiles and pages. Though it is much more likely that you will find such information on a LinkedIn page rather than a Twitter feed, it doesn't mean that these resources should be ignored.

Why not? It is tremendously helpful to read the different comments and updates provided by employees or clients of any firm. These statements are often a great indicator of whether a company is a good match to individual goals. However, these statements are also often a good way of learning what it means to be a good match for that firm as well.

The Apple and the Tree

We've all heard the phrase that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and though this is usually used when describing members of a family, it is also a good way to view the relationship between happy employees and the things they write on their company's social media pages.

Reading updates from employees will give the clearest indicator of the overall job satisfaction to be enjoyed at a firm. This could be a good cue for you to pursue a career within a specific company.

Because you want to be a good fit to the career, the details on social media pages can also steer you in the appropriate directions in terms of your own profile and reputation. For example, a site such as LinkedIn is often known for being ideally suited to establishing yourself as an expert or authority in your field.

You can use this sort of site to interact with others already working in the firm of your choice. You can create a reputation as a valid expert or a knowledgeable professional long before you even submit a resume or application.

You should also know that many firms are now turning to social media during the selection process. They want to see if someone is all that they claim to be or if they have an established foothold in the industry. Your activities on any sort of social media can prove that you are an active and interested party.

So, social media is a strong tool for conducting an effective job hunt because it opens a few doors that were once impossible to even consider!


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