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Why Won’t They Call Me?

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The interview process for any job can be an exciting time for both the company and the candidate. Everyone is excited about creating new opportunities to grow and better themselves. However, the worst part of the interview process is often the interlude period between conversations and interviews.

The candidate wants to know if they got the job, or not, right away. Each passing day without hearing any news creates more stress and anxiety for the candidate, leaving them wondering what their fate will be. There really is no way for the candidate to know what is going on with the company’s decision making process, and a million questions run through the candidate’s head: What do they think of me? When should I call the company? Did I botch the interview? How come the company won’t give me feedback?

But it is easy to forget every client has their own reasons to be stressed during the hiring process. Depending on the size and organization of the company there can be a lot of stakeholders, whose input needs to be heard. The client is also most likely juggling multiple candidates for the position, each offering their own advantages and skill set.

The biggest thing that seems to be forgotten in the hiring process is that the client has a business to run. They are busy making money and the world cannot stop for one job seeker. On top of the difficult financial and personnel decisions involved in the hiring process, the employees of the company have other jobs they need to do.  There may be HR people or recruiters actually performing the hiring process, but they have to wait for other colleagues to take time out of their day in order to give feedback about job applicants. Simply put, there are a lot of moving parts to contend with for any company trying to hire new employees.

You can rest assured that every candidate will have anxiety throughout the hiring process; there is simply no way around it. And every company is different in regards to how they go about hiring new employees. For some companies waiting one or two weeks can be a perfectly normal waiting period for contacting a candidate after you have previously spoken. But sometimes a company can take one or two months to get in touch with a candidate after an interview. Regardless of how slow or fast the process takes, every candidate will have the same questions going through their head.

When speaking with a candidate the best thing a company can do is be honest with them. The most stressful thing for any candidate is being clueless about what is going on. If a client can at least give them a general time table, or help them understand how the process works, then the candidate will be able to sleep easier. The less information you give a candidate about the hiring process the more unruly they will become, not to mention more likely to start looking at other vacancies.


Matthew Gadziala

Recruitment Consultant 

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