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5 Tips on handling stress in a sales job

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Selling is a stressful career and excessive stress can affect your targets and growth with your organization.


Here are 5 tips that can help you overcome sales stress:


1.        Exercise and eat properly - A workout at the gym  and a proper diet can release the tension and stress that builds up during the day.


2.        Drink lots of water - Water will help flush out the toxins caused by stress.


3.        Surround yourself with positive people - to get a positive mental attitude  surround yourself with cheerful and bright people.


4.        Plan sufficient travel time – Avoid the stress of traffic delays and catching your plane on time, spread your meeting appointments far apart.


5.        Take your vacations – Traveling or staying at home, take that break to reflect on yourself and drain out all the stress that has been building up.



Bllend Henari

Area Manager

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