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How to build a successful team

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Successful team The basis for successful work and the basis for progress and development in any job can be done in the field of work, what are the basic rules and the task of forming a successful team, and what are the secrets of building a successful and ideal team? This is what we will answer in this article. The successful team in any field of work or specialty is the force that drives the work to success, excellence and uniqueness; if you are able to build a successful team you will see and notice impressive, magical and fascinating results in the field you want. If the opposite happens and you fail to form your team, This is the first step in the way your project is aspiring. At the beginning of the team's composition, you should define the principles and bases of the team's work, and define the general and comprehensive vision of the team. For example, you need to identify the people you need in your team, determine their skills, determine their number, and define the position of each member of the team. You have to be wise in this. This is the first essential step in forming a successful team. Let your emotions go away. Choose your team members with logical standards. Do not forget that the team's interest is the most important, and choosing the people who believe in the idea will be the most important thing. This will be the motivation of all the team members who will bring them all together to make the team a success. The second step after selecting the team members carefully and correctly, the team leader to distribute the tasks among the team each according to the experience and skill chosen for it. The team leader must ensure good communication between him and his team members and the team members themselves, which helps them more in cooperation and communication among themselves and this increases the effectiveness of achieving the goals of the team. The team leader must be aware that the success of the team depends on each of its members, and not just on someone, and also that it is keen to treat everyone equitably without discrimination or bias to anyone, and be keen to feel that he is an individual and not higher than them, It is the responsibility of the leader to define the Group's vision, principles and objectives in consultation with the rest of its members, thereby increasing the team's strength and cooperation. The whole team must also cooperate in showing thanks, appreciation and love to all members of the team, and not forget the reward and appreciation of those who could accomplish a task in the interest of the team.

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