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The Impact of E-Marketing in Increasing Sales

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With the firm pursuit of companies to seize every opportunity on the horizon and keep abreast of modern technologies in the field of its work in order to increase market share and achieve a high competitive advantage,
In light of the great development in the world of technology and information technology and the huge information revolution that is now dominating all business sectors in the world, the impact of electronic marketing in increasing sales In light of the fierce competition for the acquisition of the market through the consolidation of business enterprises with plans, strategies and marketing ideas through the integrated marketing mix was considered electronic marketing as one of the important dimensions and strategic acquisitions in modern marketing where it is not related to time or place or language, Access at any time without permission,
Technical strategy for the world of creative excellence for every company or institution that starts since this company or institution has an effective role in the use of integrated e-marketing methods, as:
  • E-marketing has a big role in increasing profits and improving quality.
  • E-marketing helps to enhance competitiveness.
  • The ability and willingness of all commercial enterprises to develop their own electronic marketing system.
  • E-marketing has a significant impact in activating the continuous increase in sales ratios, increasing the sale of services and products of companies and institutions,
In order to fully exploit the nature of the web, we should not consider it a propaganda medium, but rather a medium of potential that surpasses magazine, radio and television advertising, with a variety of qualities that win this distinction:
  • Incomplete:
There is no direct line clear from start to finish as for television, for example, and stems mainly from the design of the Internet is not designed to be viewed from start to finish Users visit the site to search for a specific information and then go to another site without regard to what The site design should provide users with the information that they want easily and quickly, which we call the modern Internet science of usability.
  • Interactive:
Good sites give visitors a measure of mobility such as product selection, price comparison, order lock and the user is the one who controls the course of what he wants to hear or see, which is not found in traditional means of marketing such as television imposed on viewers;
Of course, an interactive structure can be secured by telephone, but it will not be as flexible as the Internet.
  • The Speed :
This image does not exist on the web where the boring pages and slow loading result in the visitor leaving the site directly, the user here expects to access the information quickly, which means easy navigation,
The effective impact of e-marketing is reflected in increased sales where:
  • E-marketing is one of the necessary variables that requires adapting to the modern technology-based world as one of the most important hypotheses of modern times.
  • The role of e-marketing in increasing sales volume and improving quality.
  • The desire of many institutions to shift from the traditional system of marketing to the electronic system.
  • E-marketing is one of the most important means to maintain a constant relationship with the customers of any company, which is effective compared to the cost paid, and if done correctly, it will give companies better opportunities to increase the customer base, because the response rates for electronic marketing is greater than other means.
  • Reliance on modern technology enables e-marketing technology companies to gain access to new segments of potential customers
The impact of the Internet on the product appears in terms of the relevance of the products and their specifications to the international standards in the present era, and the Internet contributes to giving information about the competing international products. Also, some people do not want to shop by roaming the markets so they prefer to get their products through live images displayed on the sites dedicated to companies on the Internet.


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