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The impact of social networks on the achievement of project objectives

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Social networking for those who do not know well is a collection of websites that gather huge numbers of users from all over the world and share each other in discussions, congratulations, photos and others. Of course, users can share users of the same culture or other members from other countries. These gatherings are very useful for entrepreneurs and companies that work in various sectors to help them achieve their goals. To confirm this, the site of econsultancy has done research on the companies and projects that use the media media in order to know the impact on them and on this Ha pre-set.
Impact of social networks on companies:
After the completion of the research and study carried out by the site on a group of companies and projects that are engaged in the various fields, the following:
  • Community sites can create a very high awareness of the brand of the project, where the results showed that 64% of the officials on the projects that have been studied confirm this.
  • It is a very important source for the marketing of goods and services and even ideas, because it contains billions of people interested in different fields and each project can target its customers from the methods of marketing and promotional campaigns paid, which confirmed 44% of those surveyed.
  • Social Media sites are also excellent means to help market products based on content, which is confirmed by 37% of those surveyed.
  • These sites are also a very excellent way to serve customers, because most companies have their own pages and any customer can enter and put an opinion or ask to correct something or even criticize the performance and of course the company read all views and requests and works to deliver the highest possible value to customers , And this is illustrated by 25% of entrepreneurs.
  • Social networking is one of the tools that enables the organization to create the desire to buy from members. For example, when an organization presents a product in an attractive way, a group of viewers will be willing to buy and become potential customers, which is 13%.
  • These sites also serve as effective means of communication with existing customers and maintain them as permanent customers, as proved by 7% of the projects studied.
  • It is also possible to sell on social networks and not only promotion of products, which is agreed to about 4%.
Are social networks useful to your project?
No matter what the field of your business, you will find customers interested in those sites because the number of users in billions as I mentioned before, but what must be effective is to target your customers correctly and this can be taught by reading or watching videos on how to process and implement paid advertising campaigns On social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

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