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5 Questions to Help Ensure you are Dealing with the Right Recruiter

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Whether you are an employer or a candidate looking for a career move, there are certain criteria you should consider before selecting which recruiter or search consultant to use.
  • How specialized are they in your discipline?
    Is your recruiter a generalist or a specialist? How many years’ experience do they have? Ideally they should be specialized in your profession or industry in order to provide you with the best results.
  • Can they deliver a strong candidate or client value proposition?
    A high caliber recruiter will be able to clearly articulate why you should their services. What can they deliver to you as a client or candidate?
  • How extensive is their client or candidate network?
    As a candidate, your consultant should be able to offer you direct access to the key decision makers in your industry. As an employer, your recruiter can deliver real value to the business based on the extent of his or her personal network of candidates in the discipline you are recruiting in.
  • Do they have a contemporary business model?
    Technology is always evolving and changing the way we recruit. From social networks to the mobile communication, check your consultant is active online and has a strong online profile and presence.
  • What is their speed of response?
    Often a useful way to see if a recruiter is tuned into your needs is to see how quickly they respond to an inquiry. If they are on top of your sector – you can expect a response within 24 hours.
Barry Prost 

Director of Recruitment

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