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According to a Gulf Business Salary Survey conducted in 2013, the highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia are as follows:
1. Petroleum Engineers:
Petroleum Engineers can earn up to $80,000.


2. Multinational Companies:
 Multinational companies as well as local companies earn extensively well. The top most salary in Saudi Arabia was recorded to be $33,021.


3. Surgeons:
Surgeons in Saudi Arabia earn up to $29,000.


4. Banking:
After the business sector, the second most popular and high wage industry is the banking industry. Banks pay up to $15,000 a month to their Managers within Saudi Arabia.


5. IT Industry:
IT is the most popular field, there information technology. Managers earn $12,000.


6.  Project Management:
Project managers earn up to $11,900 and this profession has become popular among immigrants within Saudi Arabia.


7. Media and Public Relations:
Media and public relations  managers within the country also earn heavily well, which is approximately $11000.


8. Ads and Creative Designing:
There is a high demand for developers, advertising and creative designers with an average increasing pay of $10,900.


9. Real Estate Dealers:
Real state dealers in Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to earn up to $10,600 a month.


10. English Teaching:
A rising demand for English teachers have shown in Saudi Arabia and they have highly scope and margin, from other countries many teachers go there for teaching jobs. They pay reasonable salaries and many other opportunities. In Saudi Arabia average teacher earn $3000 per month tax free plus perks like free flights to your home country or subsidized accommodation.
As indicated by most studies, Asians are selected transcendental in the Banking and treasury administration posts where they gain vigorously. In general, as indicated by the Hay Group's Annual Saudi Arabia Compensation and Benefits Report in 2013, Salaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have ascended to 6 percent, in spite of the swelling of very nearly 4.4 percent. In addition, without precedent in Saudi Arabia, managers picked to group information as far as sex also in 2013. The report demonstrated an information base of female representatives in the HR, Administration and Secretarial parts. With the adjustment in time, Saudi Arabia, expat enlistment's are as yet picking up toll and now with female representatives included. The Salaries are path in front of the Inflation time frame and Employees are picking up power buy. In this way Saudi Arabia still remains a hot spot for good wages.


11. Private school teaching jobs:
 There is much scope of teaching jobs in private schools in Saudi Arabia Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia offer high salary and benefits packages. Teachers in Saudi Arabia can earn between $3,000 and $5,000 tax-free each month, depending on their qualifications and experience.


12. AutoCAD Draftsman:
 There is so much expertise AutoCAD draftsman in Saudi Arabia and their monthly income package is round about 12000.

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