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  • Saudi women will be empowered due to the driving as they will gradually contribute to uphold senior roles in workplaces that were conventionally male dominated.
  • Driving gives working women an opportunity to look for jobs that are more remunerative   
  • There will be new jobs created in the automotive sector for women where on the other hand women from villages and small towns can access city jobs easily.

The lift on the ban of women driving will completely change the employment opportunities and job market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
According to the survey conducted, 82% of women are willing to start driving by this year which is a stunning percentage of more than half of Saudi women. There is an expectance that this will create more senior roles for females as opposed to males who traditionally held these roles, women will have chances to look for better paying jobs that can be accessible away from their living places and allow many women who are unemployed to work.

Liberation and Progress for Women
One of the goals of the vision Saudi Vision 2030 is to provide career advancement that will empower women. GulfTalent research observed that a woman driving subsequently increases the chances of career advancement as it gives them freedom to reach for the managerial level by removing the barriers that generally prohibited the promotion of women to senior roles.
A regional HR manager, Hala, of a construction company located in Dammam informed GulfTalent that senior position jobs requires the person to work in different offices in the region sometimes even outside the country which was a hindrance before as women could not drive causing the difficulty of mobility.  With women now driving and elimination of transportation setbacks there will be greater opportunities to consider females at senior level roles that will allow them to interact with multiple offices and employees in the region.
This piece of information was attested by the experience of Mai who is a project engineer in Jeddah, amongst the Saudi women that were surveyed. She tells GulfTalent that now that she can drive it will allow her to be considered for the role of project manager which required frequent site visits from office to oversee the work.

Convenient jobs matching skills
GulfTalent research indicates that driving will cause a large part of the women to switch to more profitable and better suited jobs in different companies. Most of the women as per the survey confessed that due to the mobility constraints they accepted jobs that paid them less than their qualifications or that did not match with their areas of interests and further confirmed that driving will help them find better opportunities that are in their best interests.
A junior analyst, Sara has a degree in computer science with work experience of 6 years tells that in order to stay close to her house she had to settle for jobs that paid her less than her qualifications which will now change as she plan to look for other jobs.
One of the employees surveyed who is an HR manager from Jeddah informs GulfTalent that they will be hiring more female employees in sales position and jobs that may even require work that require attention outside of the office,This view was echoed by several employers surveyed. One HR Manager based in Jeddah told GulfTalent “We will now be able to hire more female staff for sales positions and other jobs requiring work outside the office.

Creation of jobs for women
The Vision 2030 of the Saudi government aims to increase the participation of women in the workplace by 22% to 30% which can be achieved by women driving creating new opportunities for this goal
GulfTalent’s research indicates that the segment that benefits the most from driving are the women that live in small towns and villages where many of them are teachers who travel to cities. Many of these women are unable to work since public transportation for long distances are costly and limited.  
Turki Almadhi, the founder and president of TAVI of an investment firm in Riyadh says that the driving ability will enable women to work from even remote places in the similar fashion that that males have been doing from years.
Lena who is one of the survey respondent tells that she can now travel to work in other without the need and fear of an unknown male driving her.
It is estimated that around 3 million women will be driving in Saudi Arabia that are forecasted as per the research of a audit firm PwC. In conclusion, the automotive industry is predicted to boost with demand that leads to creating new jobs in that sector such as female drivers that will be required for the female car owners. With Careem and Uber, transport services already announcing to hire female drivers.

Method of Surveying
The research conducted by GulfTalent was taken from an online survey whose respondents were 400 Saudi women living and based in Saudi Arabia, interviews of 25 Saudi women, and senior executives of 10 employers presently working in Saudi Arabia. The female participants of survey were from the ages 20 to 60 and included those women that were employed or seeking employment.




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