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Why a professional CV is important ?

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Resumes represent the first insight an employer would have about you as a candidate applying for a specific job in the organization. Now with a wider and larger pool of candidates leading to a dense labor market, you must craft your CV according to the current resume writing trends as well as your employer’s requirements to assure your spot in your desired organization. Moreover, it seems that candidates lack awareness towards many common mistakes that employers complain about.

Firstly, one must mention honest as well as necessary information only. Wordpress.com shows that 53% of resumes with biases are recognized by recruiters as well as 75% of submitted resumes are eliminated. Moreover, recruiters pay great attention to the resume format where 17% of recruitment managers disregard resumes that are more than two pages long as mentioned by careerbuilder.com. To add on, recruiters now receive immense amount of resumes daily. For instance Yahoo company receives approximately 2000 CV’s a day as mentioned by wordpress.com. Therefore, to save time, recruiters take quick skims over the resumes usually taking about 10 – 30 seconds per resume.

That being said, it is important to carefully build a CV that with the right layout, necessary information as well as up to the recruiter’s requirement.

Babsaudi provides a Cv maker tool

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