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Talent Incubation Program (TIP) is one of the valuable development programs that aims to attract fresh graduates to join STC, with the objective to; develop their competencies, practically on-board them and have multiple tracks/development plans.

Program Features

  • Consists of five development tracks (HR, Operation Management, Financial Management, Commercial/Business, and Technology).
  • Competitive rewards and benefits package.
  • Collaboration development with STC partners locally & globally.
  • On the job training and field visits to different departments and sectors.

Advanced courses and professional accredited certificates.

Position Title

Planning & Quality Support Analyst


STC Academy


STC Academy

Job Location

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Job Purpose

Jobs at this level are responsible for supervising data and information collection, supervising basic analyses of the data and ensuring effective standard reporting services are provided to the business. They are also expected to effectively manage and execute assignments with respect to time and project schedules.



  • Perform routine activities within the specified scope.
  • Coordinate with seniors and understands the goals, budgets and process of assigned projects, in order to ensure activities are in line with established standards.
  • Coordinate and supervises implementation of analysis and reporting procedures in compliance with all relevant feasibility studies, documentation and legislative requirements.
  • Participate in performing complex analysis of STC’s business, market and performance data and reviews all the reports developed to ensure accuracy, when required.
  • Provide technical expertise to the team in resolving non-complex issues related to analysis and reporting and mitigates identified risks to avoid project delays.
  • Liaise with key stakeholders both within and outside the organization to ensure that all analysis and reporting related matters are addressed and managed efficiently.
  • Engage and retains team members to ensure that the right skills are available in the team, when required.
  • Help with routine work and escalates issues, as necessary.
  • Liaise within the assigned team to build effective working relationships.





Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Economics, MIS



0 - 1 year of experience working in a related field

Desired Skills & Knowledge

  • Basic proficiency in business acumen
  • Basic proficiency in data collection and analysis
  • Basic proficiency in reporting skills
  • Basic proficiency in relevant reporting software and tools


Arabic: Advanced

English: Advanced