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Doha Academy
Doha 3

Company Profile

Doha Academy puts your child first

Doha Academy Al Khobar is a new British International School in Saudi Arabia, offering Early Years and Primary education from Nursery through to Year 2. We are committed to implementing the best education practices based on the English National Curriculum, while being sensitive to local cultural values. Doha Academy is dedicated to providing a warm, caring community where children feel happy and are nurtured to reach their full potential. We look at every child as an individual and celebrate achievement in all areas of academic, personal, social and creative development.



Post Title: Principal

Reports to: CEO





Reporting directly to the school’s Director, the Principal is the leader of the school community, responsible for all aspects of leading and managing the school in such a way as to fulfil faithfully the school’s Mission Statement. She will strive to achieve the best possible academic performance, ensure the school enjoys a reputation for all-round excellence in the local community and deliver operating results according to the annual budget approved by the Director.






o   Substantial experience of budgeting and managing budgets

o   Successful teaching/management overseas

o   Producing cogent school improvement plans with mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating

o   Excellent interpersonal and team leadership skills

o   The ability to negotiate and establish harmonious relationships with a wide range of people from different cultures and traditions

o   The ability to communicate with pupils, staff and parents and to gain their confidence and respect

o   Have a clear vision for and philosophy of education and the ability to translate that into practice

o   The capacity to manage change and lead staff in a sustained programme of school improvement within the environment of a developing country

o   The ability to plan strategically, to set and meet deadlines and to implement plans

o   The ability to recruit, retain and inspire talented teachers whilst building capacity amongst teaching staff

o   The ability to work within agreed policies and procedures while confident and willing to take the initiative and learn new skills

o   A strong academic background

o   A strong track record of professional achievement in primary education

o   Thorough knowledge of aspects of UK education and other international curricula

o   A leadership style that is motivational, energetic and persuasive

o   The ability to think and plan strategically for the continuing development of the school in a competitive environment, and to convert strategies into operating plans that can be implemented successfully

o   The ability to work with the school’s Director and to engage them in setting overall strategy, policy and goals for the school

o   Strong interpersonal and communication skills, to ensure good relationships of mutual trust and respect with Board members, staff, students and parents

o   Keenness to become fully involved in the life of the school community and in establishing good relationships with other relevant institutions

o   A sound grasp of financial management

o   Enthusiasm, energy and a capacity for sustained hard work

o   Professional experience of primary education






  • To implement the school’s Mission Statement in all respects

o   To promote an international outlook throughout the school community

o   To lead the school community and develop an esprit de corps throughout the staff and student bodies


Strategic direction and development of the subject


o   Contribute to whole school policy-making and strategic planning as required by the Director

o   Prepare, monitor and update annual departmental plans in consultation with colleagues

o   Take the lead in ensuring that school policies and strategies are embedded in schemes of work and departmental plans



o   To ensure that efficient and effective practices are followed in the daily operation of the school

o   To assist the school’s Director with regular reports, policy recommendations, policy implementation, advice on long-term school needs, and to maintain a positive Director/Principal working relationship

·        To develop and lead the management structure and management procedures most suited to achieving the school’s objectives, both academic and administrative




  • To develop and maintain a team of high quality teaching, administrative and support staff through effective recruitment, selection, evaluation and professional development
  • To manage the staff in such a way as to optimise their performance, welfare and morale, ensuring that annual objectives are set for all staff and that performance is regularly and effectively appraised
  • To keep under regular review the optimal staffing structure and staffing policies of the school and make appropriate recommendations to the Director




  • To work at all times and in all possible ways to achieve the best possible academic results for all students
  • To foster an environment of disciplined and effective learning at all levels of the school
  • To develop and maintain a high quality educational programme, both curricular and extra-curricular, ensuring that all parts of it are effectively staffed, resourced, managed and evaluated
  • To ensure effective assessment of the academic performance and progress of all students
  • To ensure that the academic needs of all students, including those with special educational needs and those with exceptional ability, are identified and met effectively



·        To ensure the safety and well-being of all students at all times

  • To lead and inspire a school culture in which the moral and ethical principles of the school’s Mission are respected and observed throughout the community
  • To establish and maintain high standards of student behaviour and appearance




  • To raise the profile and enhance the reputation of the school among all its stakeholders
  • To represent the school effectively to the local community, and to the wider community of international education
  • To promote and maintain a culture of open, honest and effective communication both within the school community of staff and students and between the school community and the parent body
  • To encourage parent involvement in, and support for, the life of the school community
  • To develop and maintain effective procedures for consulting parents as appropriate and keeping them well informed on their children’s progress and on all aspects of school life




  • To ensure that the school is effectively marketed to all prospective parents and other local stakeholders, especially to key leaders of the business community in the area
  • To advise the Director on all aspects of the school’s marketing operations
  • To ensure that the school’s marketing operations effectively attract and retain the optimal number and quality of students and staff




·        To develop and maintain a close, harmonious working relationship with the Director and his/her staff

  • To ensure that well-informed long-term financial plans and projections are regularly available for consideration by the Director
  • To work closely with the Director in the development and implementation of the school’s long-term capital development plans




o   Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children in the school

o   Be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of Staff in the school - It is the duty of all employees to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and for that of anyone else who may be affected by what they do, or do not do at work. As such they should co-operate with the Principal so that they may comply with statutory duties. This means that staff should always follow health and safety advice and instructions and inform the Principal about any unsafe conditions or practices