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Doha Academy puts your child first

Doha Academy Al Khobar is a new British International School in Saudi Arabia, offering Early Years and Primary education from Nursery through to Year 2. We are committed to implementing the best education practices based on the English National Curriculum, while being sensitive to local cultural values. Doha Academy is dedicated to providing a warm, caring community where children feel happy and are nurtured to reach their full potential. We look at every child as an individual and celebrate achievement in all areas of academic, personal, social and creative development.



Post Title: Vice-Principal

Reports to: Principal


Will be required to carry out necessary duties as advised by Principal.

These duties should include but not be limited to:

o   Overall responsibility for Arabic, Islamic Studies and National Identity provision, including resources, environment and ensuring planning is current and up-to-date

o   Overseeing planning documents for the whole school

o   Timetabling of all lessons, to include the correct weighting for all subjects

o   Devising and monitoring of break duty rota

o   Development of Emergency Procedures and organisation of drills

o   Control and development of school policies and procedures

o   Liaising with staff regarding sickness and organising cover for absent staff

o   Monitoring the use of resources and overseeing orders and stock control

o   Whole class teaching as required due to staffing issues and staff absence.

Facilities Management


o   Be responsible for the physical upkeep of the facility


o   Ensure that the infrastructure is functioning smoothly and report any problems to the maintenance agency.


o   Coordinate with the maintenance agency to execute all deficiencies in a timely manner


o   Inspect and certify maintenance jobs


o   Implement energy saving measures and ensure the staff and students are familiar with the energy saving initiatives as laid down by the management


o   Ensure the utility and fire systems are functioning well and coordinate with the maintenance agency for corrective actions


o   Conduct physical inventory of the infrastructure and all installed equipment HVAC, Water coolers, Fire Extinguishers etc.



Janitorial & Housekeeping


o   Coordinate with the service contractor and ensure the facility is clean


o   Inspect the facility for cleanliness on a periodic basis and ensure that the janitors have done their jobs right


o   Ensure all furniture’s do not have any scratches and broken legs or drawers. 


o   Ensure the toilets are maintained in a hygienic and healthy manner.  Ensure there is no bad odor and the glass surfaces are spotless.


o   Certify the cleaning jobs and recommend invoice payment for management to release payment




Transportation Services


o   Ensure the bus schedule is covering all students requiring transportation and that the bus operator is doing their job correctly and safely


o   Ensure the buses are kept clean and the physical condition is safe


o   Ensure the students are using the bus in a proper manner and that there is no food and drinks leftovers in seats.


Health and Safety


o   Ensure that all the staff have a medical examination completed and a certificate is available in the record.


o   Ensure the students have completed their vaccinations and a record is available at the school.


o   Facilitate first aid services for the students in accordance with the established health care practices.


o   Conduct drills for safe evacuation of students and let them be familiarized with the escape routes.


o   Be aware about the emergency evacuation procedures.


Licenses & Government Affairs


o   Ensure the safe keeping of all licenses and government documentation segregated subject wise.

o   Ensure the licenses are valid, current and updated.  A summary of the all the licenses and government permissions must be available for reference.


o   Notify the Vice Principal of expired licenses or nearing expiry.  Similarly, all government approvals must be kept valid and updated.


HR Administration


o   Provide HR services to Academy staff and advice management on the HR related matters.


o   Maintain copies of certificates and updated CV for each of the staff and academic staff


o   Plan, coordinate and facilitate training and development activities for the staff and academic staff. 


o   Involve in the hiring of personnel for the Academy and act as a consultant in the recruitment efforts.



HR Records and File Room


o   Ensure all student records are kept in confidential vaults in a systematic and organized manner. 


o   Ensure all files for the Academy staff are kept in a confidential safe and nobody access them unauthorized





Training & Development


o   Coordinate with Principal and Vice Principal to ascertain the training and development needs of the academic and non-academic staff

o   Consolidate a training and development plan on a quarterly basis


o   Ensure the training and development plans are implemented and employee database is updated.




Fee Collection


o   Maintain an updated roster of all students at the Academy, identifiable by Grade. Data must be kept current from the Administration.


o   Maintain a table of receivable fees from each student, identified by Grade for each month.


o   Receive against receipts fees received from each student, tabulate and deposit in the bank account on a daily basis. 


o   Reconcile fees receivable on a weekly basis and report to Vice Principal any discrepancies or cases that require attention.


o   Receive against receipts other receivables from various sources on a need basis.


o   Transportation fees collection




o   Maintain employee payroll account and keep records thereof.


o   Disburse monthly salaries and other employee payments after obtaining proper approvals and pay through bank accounts of staff.


o   Prepare monthly records of payroll payments and reconcile against time keeping records.




o   Prepare annual budget for the Academy and issue preliminary draft by November 30, 2017.


o   The budget must contain all receivables – fees, transportation, and any other known account receivables.


o   All itemized expenses must be accounted for using rates prevailing at the time of preparing.


o   Expenses where services and materials are needed use the best estimates based on the market rates and VAT.


All Other Payments


o   Every payment made on behalf of the Academy must be accounted for using the appropriate vouchers.


o   Discrepancies, if any, are to be brought to the immediate attention of the management.


o   Petty cash or imprest accounts must be maintained and reconciled on a weekly basis. 


Audit and Compliance



o   Academy will conduct annual audit of its accounts through a certified Auditing firm. 


o   A quarterly internal audit must be conducted to ascertain the compliance levels and to ensure that all accounts are maintained in accordance with the law and accounting procedures.


All discrepancies and/or otherwise must be reported to the Academy management.